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Yeast Infection Causes And How To Heal Them
Causes of yeast infections Use of antibiotics  Use of scented tampons  Using perfumed bath products  Diet high in sugar    Uncontrolled diabetes  Weakened immune system (such as in pregnancy or HIV)    Stress    Lack of sleep  Hormone imbalances due to menstrual cycle or breastfeeding  Systemic candida overgrowth  Wearing tight fitting clothing made from synthetic materials Douching  Symptoms of Yeast Infection    Redness  Swelling  Itchiness which can be uncontrollable Curdled white or yellow discharge with no odor Pain during sex or urination    Burning of skin surround the vagina or anus  Increased urge to pee TEA TREE OIL: Pure Tea tree essential oil has anti-fungal properties which can be used to fight yeast infections. I used coconut oil as my carrier when applying tea tree oil due to their anti-fungal properties. I used this combination many times. I found tea tree oil to be marginally helpful in soothing the unpleasant symptoms. I never found it strong enough alone to completely clear my infection. When using tea tree oil, make sure it is organic and free of ethyl alcohol otherwise it will irritate the sensitive skin further. Here is the tea tree oil I used. CALENDULA SALVE: Calendula salve is made from the flower more commonly known as Marigold, and it has been used for a long time to treat skin infections and wounds. (source) After my third infection, I knew I needed to switch my topical remedy because the tea tree oil just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I bought this Calendula salve and oh my goodness, it helped so much. I felt relief from the burning almost instantaneously and within the hour the itchiness subsided by half. Honestly Calendula salve is great to keep around the house if you have kids because it can be used for everyday bumps and bruises and even diaper rash. PLAIN YOGURT or KEFIR: Ok this isn’t one of my finest moments in life. But yes, I have inserted fermented milk like yogurt and kefir inside my lady bits. Why on earth would I do that? Believe it or not there are actual studies that back me up when
I say yogurt is effective at treating the symptoms from yeast infections. I actually like to use plain kefir over greek yogurt because it has more strains of bacteria. Whether you choose greek yogurt or kefir the key is to make sure there is no added sugar. We don’t want to give the candida anything to feed on now! It is easier to find plain kefir at stores like Whole foods or other health food stores than a chain grocery store (They usually only stock kefir with added sugar.) The best way to use greek yogurt or kefir for yeast infections is to get yourself a simple box of rubber gloves and fill in the fingers half way with yogurt. Then throw the glove in the freezer. You will be able to peel off the glove once frozen and insert the yogurt like a suppository. The cold is quite relieving to the burning sensation. BORAX BATHS: This is probably one of my favorite ways to kick a yeast infection when it is in the early stages. I know many experts say to avoid baths when you have an active yeast infection but this is one exception. Before you take your bath, rinse your body off in water and use friction on your bottom side to remove any debris from using the toilet. Then fill the bath up with warm water and add about 1/4 cup of pure borax which will help kill the yeast and restore the pH to your vagina.   Diet And Yeast Infections Another thing worth mentioning when treating a yeast infection naturally is diet. If you are someone who suffers from recurrent yeast infections and you are truly over it, it’s time to start thinking about changing what you eat. Yes, I know this sounds awful to make diet changes but even just changing a few minor things can help starve that candida of what it needs most….sugar. If you are currently dealing with a yeast infection or you get them chronically, contact your holistic counselor
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