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What Causes Fibroids?
What are Fibroids? Fibroids are benign growths in the uterus, usually in the muscle wall. They can be asymptomatic (one is not aware that there is one or more) or they can cause heavy bleeding and pain. Fibroids are also known as uterine leiomyomas, myomas or benign tumors. While fibroids may or may not interfere with implantation and pregnancy depending on their location in the uterus, fibroids can: grow as a result of hormonal surges during pregnancy, cause miscarriages or “be in the way” during birth Fibroids tend to have a large number of estrogen receptors and tend to proliferate when estrogen levels are high. Because they tend to shrink and disappear in menopausal women, it is believed that excess estrogen and hormonal imbalances can cause them. What Exactly Causes Fibroids? The exact cause is unknown, although excess estrogen (estrogen dominance) and inadequate proportion to progesterone has been suggested
as the cause. Other factors that may predispose you to fibroids include the following: Obesity. According to one study, high BMI is associated with an increased risk for uterine fibroids in premenopausal women. Eating too much red meat. A high intake of red meat is associated with excess estrogen in the body — and we know that too much estrogen is the culprit for fibroid growth. Too much sugar/refined carbohydrates in the diet. The same goes with eating foods with too much sugar and refined carbs — these foods increase estrogen in the body and therefore predispose to uterine fibroids. High blood pressure. There may be a link between hypertension and uterine fibroids, according to one study. Change your lifestyle to tackle fibroids naturally. You can also use herbal remedies to help with hormonal driven disorders like fibroids. Ask your holistic practitioner for more support on this topic.
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What Causes Fibroids?

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